Chilli meatball nachos

‘Nacho usual nachos’!!! sorry for the cheesy mum quote but it is Friyayyy after all, and we’ve survived the ever so hard first week back in work after hols – yay!

Looked forward to experimenting and making these meatballs all week and they are super sneaky as they contain grated courgette and a tin of mixed beans (they’ll never know !) to lessen the meat load and also make enough for an extra meal stash for the freezer!

Max wasted no time in digging in! he’s not a fan of mince in a sauce but give him meatballs and he’ll devour them.

Enjoy x

Recipe, serves 4 (around 14 #smartpoints) & makes 2 batches of balls, 1 batch to freeze

For the balls:

500g 5% fat beef mince

1 tin of mixed beans, drained

1 courgette, grated and squeezed

1/2 onion, peeled and finely chopped

2 cloves of garlic, peeled and finely chopped

2 tsp sweet smoked paprika

2 tsp chilli powder

1 heaped Tsp cumin

1 heaped Tsp ground coriander

15g of fresh coriander, chopped

For the sauce:

2 tins chopped tomatoes

1/2 onion, peeled and finely chopped

1/2 tin water

1 clove garlic, peeled and finely chopped

2 tsp chilli powder

2 tsp sweet smoked paprika

1 Tsp cocoa powder

1 Tsp cumin

1 Tsp ground coriander

For the nachos:

1 bag of cool Doritos

200g grated mozzarella

1 avocado, diced

1 lime, cut into wedges

1 tin of sweetcorn, drained

RF creme fraiche or sour cream

A handful of jalapeños

15g coriander, chopped


To make the balls, add all the ingredients to a food processor and pulse till combined. Don’t over mix. Alternatively mix together in a bowl with your hands. Roll into mini-meatballs and chill whilst you make the sauce. Half the meatballs can be frozen at this point for a future meal.

For the sauce, Sauté the onion in a little spray for a few mins on a medium heat, add the garlic and spices and sauté for another minute. Add the tinned tomatoes, water and cocoa powder and simmer for about 10 mins until you get a thick reduced sauce.

Whilst the sauce is simmering, sauté the meatballs in a large frying pan in a little spray on a medium heat until golden and cooked through. Mix with the sauce.

Heat the grill to medium (200oC). Arrange the nachos in a dish with space in the middle for the meatballs. Add the meatballs and sauce. Sprinkle the grated cheese all over. Pop under the grill for about 5 or so mins until the cheese is bubbling and nachos a little coloured.

To serve, sprinkle over the corn, avo, coriander and dollop with south cream. Devour! I served with salad, a little rice and garlic bread.

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