Welcome to the Hungry Healthy Family Recipe Blog!

Well, where do I start?! My love of cooking started after I was fresh out of university and had embarked on an amazing 6 month trip to New Zealand with my then boyfriend (now my husband!).  We encountered new foods and tastes and were addicted to eating out and enjoying our time there. Once back home to reality with not much cash, and a few pounds gained, my aim was to recreate the foods we enjoyed from our own tiny kitchen….

Fast forward 20 years; a wedding, 3 houses, a cat and 2 boys later I’m in a bigger kitchen still cooking the foods we love but with a healthier makeover. I’m a huge advocate of Weightwatchers and after both pregnancies I lost the baby weight through the plan and I still point a lot of my recipes and dishes. Life however changed dramatically in 2014, when I fell seriously ill and was diagnosed with a very rare condition, PAN vasculitis, a chronic autoimmune condition which attacks the arteries. Luckily a quick diagnosis and treatment have got it under control, but it has taken two years to reach a new normal and become a wife and mummy again.

Unfortunately with one of the meds (steroids) comes terrible food cravings and weight gain. This condition had already taken full control of my life (in the early days I was bed bound and the fatigue still plagues me to this day), so I was determined that the steroids wouldn’t beat me. I fought the meds and the disease with food, healthy food, food enjoyed by all the family, and planned to slowly introduce a little exercise. Along with my fellow ‘vascies’ we set up a healthy eating forum just for vasculitis sufferers, motivating and encouraging each other to eat healthily and to feed our bodies to recovery.  And it worked. I am sat here now, in remission, back into work, finally off steroids, feeling good, and am at my ‘happy’pre-vasc weight. The forum is still going strong, but now I want to share my recipes wider, so Hungry Healthy Family was born…..


Mrs H x


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